1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Suite 700 - Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center - Washington, D.C. 20004

Washington DC White Collar Law Firm

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Our Approach

Who We Are

Who we are:  We solve client problems with focused minimalism based on the understanding that in any given circumstance only a small number of strategies and actions yield the biggest results.

Our ability to identify these essential strategies and actions derive from years of training and experience in elite sections of government and major law firms.

We simplify the complex for our clients, drawing upon our knowledge about and relationships within government, courts and business to navigate through the labyrinth legal system.

We are equally at home in federal courts across the country, the local D.C. Superior courts, meetings with federal prosecutors at the Justice Department or conferring with members of Congress and their staffs.

What We Do

What we do:  We represent individuals and businesses in white-collar criminal cases; college/university students in school disciplinary proceedings & criminal proceedings; whistleblowers bringing actions on behalf of the federal and state governments; and, render business advice about contracts, leases, formation of new companies and other transactional matters.

Why Choose Us

Why choose us:  We formed our firm because we believe that clients are best served by flexible, lean staffing of cases using highly qualified, seasoned attorneys and investigators; low administrative overhead; effective use of technology; and, flexible billing arrangements.

Staffing of cases is tailored to the client’s need.  We add seasoned attorneys as needed through the use of carefully selected contract attorney services.  Our investigators all have law enforcement background and training.  Each of the founding partners has significant experience in supervising teams of attorneys should such a client need arise.

Our office emphasizes paperless filing, correspondence, and billing.  To save travel time and maximize effectiveness, we often utilize screen sharing and other virtual conferencing technology to meet with and prepare clients.  Normal administrative costs such as telephone calls and routine filing are not charged to the client but absorbed by the firm.  Only specialized costs such as copying jobs, production of large amounts of documents, consultants and investigators are billed to the client.

Fee arrangements are flexible.  Alternative fee arrangements such as blended contingency fee and hourly billing to share risk are utilized as well as flat fees and hourly fees.  We offer different tiers of hourly billing rates for government employees and students.